Prince of Persian delicacies

BOBBY Behvandi is raising the bun when it comes to producing delicious delicacies in the heart of Greensborough.

And it’s his Persian biscuits that truly take the cake.

Bobby Behvandi. PHOTO: Kylie Else

Two months ago, Mr Behvandi opened the doors to Behi Cakes, located at 85 Main St.

Inspired by his heritage and equipped with recipes handed down from generation to generation, the traditional Persian biscuit came to life in Greensborough.

Mr Behvandi said while chickpea flour is used in Persian desserts, no sugar is added but walnuts, figs or raisins are used to add sweetness.

“People love the taste of it … melts in your mouth,” he said.

“They (Persian desserts) have become very popular since we opened a couple of months ago.

“We love being able to share our cultural food in the form of biscuits and cakes with everyone in the community.”

Each Persian biscuit costs $1 and are available by the kilogram.

Mr Behvandi said savoury delights such as tahchin – an Iranian rice cake that includes rice, yoghurt and egg – is also available.

Everything is baked on site and the store also produces mainstream cake varieties, including sponge, ice-cream and jelly cakes.

The store is open Monday to Saturday between 9am and 5.30pm.

Details: 9424 4303.

Originally published in the Diamond Valley Leader newspaper. 


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